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Ever wanted to challenge yourself artistically? Write a story every day, photograph something or illustrate something on a regular basis? John Urbancik has done that, on a grand scale: InkStains was originally a year-long daily writing project, in which he wrote a story a day every day for a year. By hand. Now, as he attempts to do this for a third time, he’ll share with you his secrets of how it’s done. Or maybe you just want to hear some of the stories that have resulted from this. InkStains is now a weekly podcast featuring stories of any and every genre as well as discussions about creativity and personal challenges and what it takes to make a thing – and the kinds of scars and stains that might leave.

Feb 28, 2018



Structure in fiction and art:
narrative structure, sentence structure,
the structure of collections
and albums and exhibitions.
Three act structures,
five act structures,
and when to ignore the rules.
Also: Mozart in the Jungle
and the fantasy it portrays.
Readings this week include
riding the lightning,
March in...

Feb 21, 2018


Moving, memories, the things
that inspire us, and the questions
artists should be asking themselves.
Brainstorming, or variations
of brainstorming.
That party for time travelers.
Obsessions other than
the Olympics. And release
information on DarkWalker.
Readings this week include non-fiction
about language and...

Feb 14, 2018


Love and Romance
are the order of the day.
Romance is more than just
a genre of fiction.
It's in all fiction.
Art is Love. Love is Art. All of that.
It's almost time for us to help
The Horror Show with Brian Keene Telethon
for Scares That Care.
Moving house.
How the next project is chosen.

Stories this week...

Feb 7, 2018



The dark night of the soul
preys on artist of all sorts.
The belief that nothing is working,
and nothing will ever work.
What can you do?

John Urbancik reads something
he wrote about courage
during the storm
(and talks about some of his experiences
with hurricanes and tropical storms).
Updates on DarkWalker.
And you,...