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Ever wanted to challenge yourself artistically? Write a story every day, photograph something or illustrate something on a regular basis? John Urbancik has done that, on a grand scale: InkStains was originally a year-long daily writing project, in which he wrote a story a day every day for a year. By hand. Now, as he attempts to do this for a third time, he’ll share with you his secrets of how it’s done. Or maybe you just want to hear some of the stories that have resulted from this. InkStains is now a weekly podcast featuring stories of any and every genre as well as discussions about creativity and personal challenges and what it takes to make a thing – and the kinds of scars and stains that might leave.

Jul 11, 2018



Where do we get our ideas?
The question never dies,
so let's explore some real answers.
Including coloring outside the lines,
tigers in the clouds,
and all the color Slushees
you can't find.
This week's InkStains Challenge
will hurt you.
And we review Ant-man and The Wasp
as well as Universal's recent
The Mummy, the one with Tom Cruise
no one wanted to like.

Stories include imagination,
trying to find oneself
in Midnight, and
the Heart of Darkness.

John Urbancik discusses
writing, photography, art, and creativity,
and also reads stories.